What is gender difference for? I think gender is not a matter; with whom I fall in love and like each other; the most important is the true love we feel and who is speaking is our hearts. How can I get related to someone, man or woman, if I don't have any love and desire to love. I am proud to be a gay and I am sure there is a man that will love me honestly; because here we are; the unique ones.

I love finding GayChubbyChatCity.com as a media that enables me to get more relationships of my community from all over the world. I will not belong to one of minor people anymore for this online place where any time I can get gay chubby chat with other chubby gays in all parts of world.

I am pleased about this site; it is my truly favorite. Now I have had some close friends who will totally suit me and the people who will share all things with me. I hope I will soon get my gay chubby dating here; wham I usually dream of for a long time. If you are a kind of man like me; you can visit this site and see that one of the gay chubby personals over here will be in relationship with you.



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