There have been many studies that try to reveal how excessive weight causes health risks. Those studies reported that some health risks caused by excessive weight can be silent killer. You can easily see how overweight people have much higher health risks compared to those who have normal weight. This fact must be realized by overweight people so that they can start a new healthy lifestyle.

Some health risks that occur to overweight people are type 2 diabetes, heart attack, hypertension, and infertility. If you read those four health risks, they are categorized as serious problems. Type 2 diabetes is considered as almost unhealed disease. People can only control their diet if they want to live normally. Studies have reported that overweight women tend to develop diabetes and their diabetes will likely become the cause of other serious health problems. Hypertension can also influence the whole quality of life and it also creates other serious problems that will put your life in danger. Excess weight and health risky business must be thoroughly considered as there have been lots of proofs about the relations of weight gain and health problems.

Therefore, people who find themselves gain weight must realize how they are in risks of those serious health problems. They have to change their current lifestyle with the healthy one if they want to live longer. So, are you ready to have a healthy lifestyle now?


Good Health Blog said... @ 9 June 2009 at 21:10

I read your post and I liked it, because it ways to weight less and have to many several of weight loss, Thanks

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