Years ago, most of industries consider waste management treatment as cost spending issue. All companies are required to treat waste from their manufacturing line. Waste management treatment could cost companies lots of money. 

But these days, new technology doesn’t only allow much cost effective and efficient waste management treatment but also allow company to create money from it. It is N-Viro technology that makes it possible. N-Viro technology is developed to convert waste to energy. Using N-Viro technology, organic waste is blended with mineral byproducts and then blended again with petroleum or coal coke then dried resulting clean coal product known as N-Viro Fuel. http://www.nviro.comN-Viro Fuel could be used to replace coal as fuel. You can imagine how much money a company can safe when they use this technology.

But N-Viro technology is not only creating opportunity fuels. The mineral rich combustion byproduct from this process could also be used to convert wastewater to bio-mineral soil enrichment byproduct. It could be marketed as bio-fertilizer and has been approved by the USEPA. With N-Viro technology, American industry doesn’t only find new alternative energy with lower carbon gas emission but also get income from bio-fertilizer sales. N-Viro technology is a breakthrough for American industry. 


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